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Who needs life insurance? Almost everybody does. The bottom line is, if someone will have to use their own money to pay your bills when you are gone, then you need life insurance.  This applies to people in the following situations: 1.       If you are married, you need life insurance. READ MORE >>

Boat insurance is necessary since a boat is a significant investment and the risk of damage is possible. It is important to determine the appropriate coverage for your specific type of boat. In addition to adequately covering your boat, you need to ask yourself the following questions which will affect your insurance policy needs and price. READ MORE >>

Deli meat sandwiches and tuna salad are great boating meals…for a short while. Many avid boaters prefer to prepare fresh meals in the galley for more of a culinary variety. However, galleys have obvious limitations and you can only work with the ingredients that are on board. READ MORE >>

Sick of listening to your children, bored during a lengthy road trip, whine, “Are we there yet?” With a bit of creativity, it’s easy to make a road trip more exciting for everyone in the car. Try some of these ideas: 1. Tell Stories Ask your children to share their favorite stories, whether they’re silly or spooky. READ MORE >>

Balconies contain their own microclimate, different from the climate on the ground. Temperatures can climb exceedingly high, shade can block most of the day's sunlight and wind can be an issue. However, it is absolutely possible to grow your own balcony garden so long as you monitor these conditions and choose plants that can withstand them. READ MORE >>

Given the price tag of a car, most people wish to keep theirs is good working order for many years of use. Routine maintenance is crucial for improving your car’s longevity, and finding a trustworthy mechanic to perform the work is essential for both your car’s health and your wallet. READ MORE >>

Pictured is Mohamed at Starr Insurance's booth at the 2014 GAMA Trade Show. The Trade Show included 83 booths into 22,000 sqft, 287 exhibitors, and 600+ attendees. For more than 25 years, the GAMA Trade Show has been the industry cornerstone in helping businesses grow and learn as we expand the hobby market. READ MORE >>

Property insurance for your business protects your business from loss to the structure and contents of the business. Property coverage needs to be reviewed to determine if appropriate coverage is in place. Such a review should begin with the question: "Can I put the business back where it was before this disaster? READ MORE >>

While extensive home repairs require a professional to get the job done, there are many small, simple repairs that you can accomplish without a handyman. Not only will you feel like Superman after fixing your home’s problems, but you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. READ MORE >>

Wondering what exactly homeowners insurance covers? A homeowners policy contains two main sections, along with a variety of coverage limits, options and endorsements (also known as riders). Though every policy is different depending on your coverage choices and your insurance provider, each one will have the following: READ MORE >>

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